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    Hey there, we have just opened up a new minecraft server community and we are inviting you all to come and join us!

    Here's what we can offer:

    ⚔️ An enjoyable playing experience and interaction with our staff team ⚔️
    ⚔️ Old style of anarchy factions with a huge focus on PvP and raiding ⚔️
    ⚔️ A big map with more than enough area to fit the playerbase ⚔️
    ⚔️ Fun plugins such as mcMMO, Auctions and Factions ⚔️
    ⚔️ A possibility to advance using in game currency and donations ⚔️
    ⚔️ Freedom of roaming and playing - it is up to you to decide how you want to play ⚔️
    ⚔️ Daily and weekly updates in improvement of the server based on suggestions from the community ⚔️
    ⚔️ Constantly updated and improved Economy system based on EssentialsSigns shops ⚔️
    ⚔️Good server performance and quick glitch solution support ⚔️
    ⚔️ Voting and voting rewards ⚔️
    ⚔️ Much more coming soon! ⚔️

    💎 You can visit and register on our website at http://anarchyminecraft.enjin.com
    💎 We also invite you to our discord discord.gg/xrSsDd7

    📌 OUR IP : 📌

    Some pictures from our server can be seen in the spoiler down under ( And much more can be seen on the server! )

    Feel free to ask questions or give suggestions in the comment section under.
    We await your visit and hope you have a great time playing on our server!
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