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    🌌 Kromptus Network🌌


    Communities are created with a Server
    Games are made alongside their Community


    The Kromptus Network is a new Minecraft: Java Edition Server Network, aiming
    to bring together a prospering Community of open-minded Players and create the
    best possible Gaming Experience the Community suggests for each and every Member to thrive


    Minecraft has always been a game of creativity, community interaction and infinite possibilities.
    You can follow your imagination and create anything you want for others to learn, to play and most importantly, to enjoy.


    Over the past years, thousands of Minecraft Servers have opened and closed due to the lack of contributing staff members, enjoying users and thriving communites, which caused most of them to inevitably fail due to monetary issues or the sheer lack of players.


    This is, why the Kromptus Network was created differently


    Kromtpus was made from the ground up with the idea of a network without concerns about monetary support or lack of contribution.
    We are working towards becoming a very new upcoming network with custom gamemodes, designed to the likings of the community.


    Creative Builders, talented Developers and imaginative Content Designers are united under the Management Team of our Network, working towards new content and player friendly content for our network.



    If you think, you can fit into our Team, you can now apply using the Application Link below.

    Please ensure the following requirements are met, before applying:

    - You must be at least 13 years old (As per Discord's ToS) - You must join the Discord Server for your Application to be reviewed - You must be able to speak fluent English

    Application Link:  (Click Image or here)

    Discord Link: (Click Image or here)
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    Evade Minecraft


    A custom minecraft network


    We are currently voting for a new Server Name!
    Vote for it using this link:


    Server Trailer:



    Evade Minecraft is a new upcoming minecraft server network with
    premium, 24/7 servers featuring the games


    Custom KitPvP - Released


    Custom Towny / Survival - In DEV


    Custom Skyblock - In DEV


    For the full public release of the KitPvP mode, we require moderators, builders and
    a lot of helpers.


    Note: For the people looking for quick and high staff positions, this server is a dead end.
    We promote AND demote people on their work and their maturity.
    Administrators and Moderators will ALWAYS start their staff time as a Helper.
    Builders will start as Builder but can be promoted to a Creator, if they fit the requirements.


    After Applying, please reply to this post to notify us, so we can respond to your applications!


    Open Staff positions


    Helper / Moderator / Administrator:


    Open positions: 7 (3 / 2 / 2)
    Filled positions: 1 (0 / 1 / 0)


    Builder / Creator:


    Open positions: 3 (2 / 1)
    Filled positions: 1 (1 / 0)


    Manager / Staff Manager:


    Open positions: 0 (0 / 0)
    Filled positions: 2 (1 / 1)




    Open positions: 3 ( 3 )
    Filled positions: 0 ( 0 )


    Developer (Coding):


    Warning! We will ONLY recruit developers who are able to make custom
    Minecraft Java plugins for Spigot 1.14.3 and Bungeecord 1.14.3
    Other applicants will instantly be denied


    Open positions: 2 (2)
    Filled positions: 0 (0)


    Please note:


    This post is going to be updated everytime an application has been accepted.
    Please do not apply for full staff roles, as it will cause your application to be denied.


    Staff Applications:


    Please apply using this application formular: Formular


    Join our Discord server to be informed about your application status: Discord
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