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    EagleCraft is a server that has built a strong and active community and continues to do so. We believe that inclusiveness and respect for each other benefits everyone, this is why the server keeps succeeding to be a great place for making friends and just having an awesome time together. The server is running 1.16.1 with a fresh nether world to explore!

    We are always open to new members, so make sure to join us and become a part of the EagleCraft community!

    Server Address/IP: mc.eaglecraft.net
    Discord: https://discord.gg/VhN7fNe


    EagleCraft is not just completely vanilla survival, but it's close enough that you won't notice much of a difference. To enhance the survival experience of vanilla Minecraft we are using mcMMO, a premium plugin loved by many players across the globe because of its great levelling system that rewards players for doing basic actions like mining etc. The server is also using Dynmap, a dynamic map as the name might indicate. A plugin that allows players to easily get an overview of the land around spawn to easily find great places to build bases.


    When players have found a place to set up camp and establish a base, they are able to create land claims using our Grief Prevention plugin. You can even give your friends access to your land claims. This plugin also includes other excellent anti-griefing countermeasures for all players to enjoy. Finally but not least, our anti-cheat system which is Spartan Anti-Cheat, a premium anti-cheat solution trusted by thousands and fortunately very light-weight for enhanced server optimization. We are as every other server also using Essentials for players to access /sethome and /spawn, etc.

    The EagleCraft server is taking all server optimization very seriously, this includes having excellent hard- and software. Minecraft is, unfortunately, a very poorly optimized game, but here at EagleCraft, we believe that we have found the perfect combination to solve the issues regarding the optimization problems with Minecraft. In other words, the server is only running the most necessary plugins that also have been tested on a separate testing-server to confirm they are stable enough and with minimal - if not unnoticeable optimization problems. The server is running the latest version of PaperMC, a fork of Spigot, which is the only acceptable way to run a Minecraft server in 2020.

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