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    posted a message on I'm looking for Minecraft modders that can help us to bringing up a project.

    Hi, I'm Álvaro, I'm 22, and I'm developer that has experience in several topics, like Unity3D and Minecraft modding. I would like to find people that can contribute to our project. The project is for the 1.12 version.


    Those are the details of our project:


    Project Name: Road2Ruin

    Description: We are looking for modders that have time and want to contribute to Road2Ruin. We'd like to setup a server with Cubic Chunks + Terra121 with lots of features. We need people to assist us if we don't have enough time. There are several tasks to accomplish:

    - If a beta-tester gives us feedback on some bug/compatibility problem with any of our mods we need people capable of modifying it and solve the problem.

    - If we introduce a new mod on our server that is incompatible with our current environment we need people that can contribute to an open-source project that ports this mod to a stable version

    Notes: I have already experience porting 4 mods and we have the Cubic Chunks community behind us to help us. But we don't have enough time to do this at all.

    Benefits of being part of us: You will be part of a great idea, our main purpose is that we will port mods to work with Cubic Chunks. We will fork the original git repositories, in order to present new PRs (only for the 1.12 version) and by doing this we will try to make mod devs actively maintain this Cubic Chunks port/branch. We'd like to see a world where Cubic Chunks compatible mods community is bigger!
    Required knowledge: Java, Git, profiling with Spark or other profiling tools, betatesting.

    Payment: We don't have the main way to pay possible contributors as we are just starting. But we are just looking up to Patreon or some kind of crowdfunding method for this, also if somebody wants to contribute expecting a remuneration (maybe from the server) we just can talk about it.

    Contact: Discord (@z3nth10n#0775) or send me a private message here (but I prefer Discord).


    So as you can see on the project details, we are looking for 1.12 devs (I know not too many people is interested in contributing to this version and prefers newer versions) that contribute to our cause to bring mods to be compatible with Cubic Chunks to be used on our server. But this has two approaches in mind, one is to make a server which people can enjoy and another one is to make some Minecraft mods compatible with Cubic Chunks so more people can enjoy Cubic Chunks on modpacks, something I think could be great.


    As I said and to be honest, I don't promise there will be a remuneration method for it at the moment. So I'd like to say that if you're looking for a project for the money this isn't your project for now. We need people that have experience (we don't care how much) with modding or at least Java coding and obviously have a little time to keep this up.


    So, If you're busy with other projects I'll recommend not to join this project too, but well, it would be great, as I have little time (I'm currently maintaining several Unity3D projects, two websites, this project, studies, and maybe I'll be working soon) and I'd like to see people joining this project.


    Thanks for your attention!

    I expect you to join our project.

    Best regards.

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