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    posted a message on Have a problem with heavy own created "modpack" minecraft.

    Hello. I am using the twitch/curse launcer for some time, creating my "modpacks". Not really modpacks because i basically  try to get every mod i like inside and i started encountering some issues and crashes lately.

    I run 1.7.10



    This is my latest log. (pretty long)

    I guess the issue is with mods intergration or a single mod is faulty. I dont have ram problems and i think my pc is not the problem (using that word because i have 16gb ram and use 8 for the heavy "modpack" but i am not sure), and also sometimes i get it to load and after 5-30 minutes of playing it crashes.

    I can't figure it out my own that is why i ask your help! Thank you in advance!

    The log is from a time the launcher didn't even get me to start menu screen.


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