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    IF YOUR PROFILE DOES NOT STATE YOUR IGN(In-game name), please state it, if you wish to be added.
    Tell me a little about your gaming style, experience, etc, as well thanks.

    I'm looking for 4 teams of players, to be spread out a couple of thousand blocks away from eachother.

    I'm looking to re-subscribe to MineCraft Realms Java, in a month or so time.

    Please click below to open a new window to view our channel showcasing what we got upto.

    At the moment, it's been just myself (Zabooka), Dr Uranu and SweetD, that played consistently over a year ago.
    We are all based in UK/GB (United Kingdom/Great Britain)

    We haven't played together in a while and we would really appreciate some company on our Realm once we start it up again.

    We are looking for anyone whose not into griefing/stealing. Please do watch the videos to see if you think you would like to join our realm and also any tips or advice/suggestions for us.

    Thank you


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