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     GokiStats is for both 1.7.10 and 1.12.2. here's the link:


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    I also think that you should use "Reforged" mod instead of "Matchlock Guns", because has Blunderbuss, Musket, Mortar and a lot of other weapons beside those. like: Katana(the main reason why i chose this mod), Battleaxe, Boomerang, Crossbow, Blowgun(and darts), Knife, Javelin(Throw-able for hunting), Saber etc.

    Hope this would also work.

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    I don't have many ideas, especially when you mentioned Pyrotech. what i'm gonna suggest is for making minecraft more realistic. i hope you like it:

    1. optifine for 1.dynamic lights 2.connected textures 3.adding shaders

    2. Pam's Harvestcraft for 1.adding a massive amount of food to the game

    3. some animal mods, especially wild animals (because you know... lions are wild) i suggest "Zoo and Wild animals" and "exotic birds" and "animania(for realistic breeding of farm animals)"

    4. Sound filters for 1.making sound effects more realistic(especially in caves, it echos)

    5. Tough as Nails for 1.adding thirst and body temperature

    6. Goki states for 1.adding a level up system for skills

    7. a chemistry mod like "minechem" or "Rockhounding Mod: Chemistry" (i'm not sure if i'm suggesting right mods, i haven't used these two yet)

    that's all! hope you could improve your modpack.

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