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    Hi all!
    I've been playing Minecraft for 6 years. I'm 15 and haven't really had anyone to play with on my newest world! I'm looking for people that are aged 11-19! So please state your name and/or your gamertag and your age! if you're interested in joining my minecraft village that I'm hoping to turn it into a people filled world with people's houses dotted around the world! Thank you!
    NT the joining of our world requires a trial not just for us but also for you it'll will be a 3 day trial held when you wish. You will be a visitor (meaning you can't break or build blocks) if you like the world and follow the rules you will be promoted to a member where you can break and build blocks. If you don't like the world you don't have to come back. The world IS NOT a master builder world so nothing is fancy. Again thank you!
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