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    Hi everyone,

    I have encountered a fairly significant problem in recent days. 
    I wanted to install the mod "Better Than Wolves" on the game Minecraft, and I had to adapt the version of the software "mcpatcher" with the version my launcher minecraft by procuring me them on the official site (until there, nothing abnormal) .

    But overnight, the site that allowed me to access all versions of mcpatcher was not accessible for a long time. So I wanted to warn the owner of the mod on its forum, but the forum seems to have closed access to registration.

    screen capture
    Therefore, the only option for communicate the problem to the mod creator was to log in to my minecraftforum.net account. The problem was that I could not remember my password and that I can not access the site by other methods because the functions "New to Minecraft Forum? Create an Account" and "Forgot your Password? / Reset your password" do not work! And even after resetting my password "CurseForge", it seems that this account has no connection with my account "Curse" simple.

    I could maybe check my theory trying to connect with my twitch account (it should not be the difference between the forum minecraft and curse forge, who knows?), But I already sent a request to delete a curse account on which I made the mistake of connecting with my account twitch first instead of doing the opposite (the merger is now impossible with my original curse account because it is considered already done. The connection via twitch do you not ask if you already have a curse account to be syncronized).

    My only hope would be that someone with access to the account on one of the two forums can pass on my problem. If we could make sure that the McPatcher site could be opened again and that the Minecraft Forum site fixes its bugs, it would be very generous to be able to help me on this, besides it could even help many others people in the same case. I take this opportunity to share another problem because I can not log out of the curseforge site, the button does not seem to react and I am forced to erase my history each time.

    In the worst case, if the McPatcher site can not be opened and someone already has more or less recent versions of the software, share them on online hosts such as Mega or Mediafire for example, thank you for having read.

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