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    We are proud to announce that our new server is now online and ready to welcome all of you new players to join our community.


    Our server is not whitelisted and fully prepared to provide a great experience to all players.


    At Pandara, our goal is to create a fantastic place for all those who enjoy a relaxed survival game with endless possibilities for fun. The server is fully protected with anti-grieving protection, our full intention is to provide the best service for a safe gaming environment. Come and take a look and we promise you will have a good time.


    About Server
    • Survival/PVP/PVE
    • Difficulty level is set to hard
    • A vast world to be explored

    • Ability to claim land in the NETHER
    • Teleport commands such as /spawn, player to player /tp and a wild warp that will tp you randomly in the world.
    • Hosted on a dedicated server and the first 12k blocks from spawn are pre-generated to reduce lag!
    • Run by professional and friendly staff
    • We work hard to catch and prevent any cheaters from ruining the server experience!

    Custom Plugins
    • Player shop where players can buy and sell their own stuff!
    • Player disguises, colored signs, land claim, and lots of prizes for voting.

    • Crate boxes that will give you a chance to get many great items.
    • You will get a decorative player head when you open your own shop.
    • So much more yet to come!


    Take some time to come over and take a look. Pandara is here to provide you with a safe and fun environment to play minecraft. We hope to see you there!




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