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    So for the past couple of weeks I have been running a modded server for me and my friend to play on. Suddenly today the server seems to refuse to generate certain trees. Whenever a new chunk/biome is generated it simply contains a simple plain without any trees. All the vanilla biomes do load correctly.

    The following mods which alter the generation of biomes are being used:

    - Biomes o' Plenty

    - Project Vibrant Journeys (This mod's so called Mangrove and Palm trees spawn as supposed but the rest doesn't)

    - Thaumcraft (This mod adds random Greatwood trees which I believe generate in any biome and this works as supposed. The added biome, Magical Forest, does however not generate trees either)

    Please note I did not touch any of the settings nor did I remove/add any mods, The modpack has been unchanged for at least 3 weeks now.


    Thanks in advance :)

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