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    Hello there
    Im trying to run a server on my pc for myself and a coupe of friends on infinity evolved (1.7.10)
    Im stuck where i cant have more then 1 home  and the /back command works only once, i tried editing the config.jnson to allow 10 homes but at server start it reverts back to one, i can get rid of ftbutils as the only reason is the ease of chunkcloading.
    Anyone can help me setting 10/15 homes and free use of /back command with ftbutils or forge essentials? also if possible an /rtp command or a mod that provides that.
    Thnx in advance


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     if you use twich launcher you can donwnlad and play The Enchanted Oasis and the  Plus version

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    Hello fellow minecraftians

    Im looking for a mod that would allow me to set at least 3 homes similarly to a /sethome and /home commands on servers in a singleplayer map

    And possibly a keepinventory  mod aswell.

    To be precise i would like to play sevtech and stoneblock since i cant really find a nice server

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