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    So my problem is just what is wrote in the title, my questbook is full of nothing, except that I was playing for 15 Hours (I know it's not so much compared to others but anyway)... this happened after my game crashed for no reason (It happens sometimes on every modpack I play, I don't know why but it never has cause any damages to my maps or whatever so I live with it)

    And so when I came back and wanted to play I realized every of the questlines where missing...

    I know there's an option in the book to reload the quest from files but I don't want to make shit so I'm asking here (I'm using the last version of the modpack and java 64bit) 

    Oh and I'm also edit the book, don't know why)

    (English is'nt my native language sorry for the errors)

    EDIT: I deleted the "betterquesting" file in the save file and when I came back everything was fonctionnal, but quests where resets of course. I used the "/bq_admin edit true" command and then manually completed all the quests I did (in the edit part of the book)

    Well I really wonder if this post was usefull x)

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