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    Hello, CurseForge users.


    Our Mission: Provide a stable, 24/7 server that upholds the values of vanilla, however, preserves the builds of those who decide to participate. Created with the values in mind and the motivation provided from those who servers falsely advertised vanilla but rather had folders filled to the brim with plugins.


    No Gimmicks: Once on the server, you'll find yourself immersed by those who too love the vanilla foundation found within the game. There are no ranks or tags of any sort found on the server, we do have three datapacks to make the vanilla experience multiplayer friendly.


    Dedication: The community you may find on the server hold the game to its highest standards, pushing the boundaries that may seem to have a limit but do not. Players can be seen enjoying the server for hours, that being the purpose behind the creation of Hexterria alone.


    Discord: Discord is our main use of communication when in and out of the game, all announcements are posted there as well as a general discussion for future projects. We also have hangout channels for when you're mining or working on something and of course a music bot to just sit back and relax. (https://discord.gg/KqUMZKJ)


    Application: You have two options when it comes to applying. You can either apply here on the forums using the template below or on our discord which is linked above and in the thread title.


    • First Name:
    • Minecraft Username:
    • How old are you?
    • How many days per week can you get on?:
    • How long have you played Minecraft?:
    • Why do you want to join the SMP?:


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