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    Hello, I am Kaivajat, and i'm here to talk about this new server, L3gend Verse


    L3gend Verse has skyblock (acid one too) and survival, which is, pretty much same, not vanilla though.

    The server has Auction House, Land Claiming, sethome and more. (If not, that is my fault for not knowing)

    The lobby is not that great, but it shouldn't be a big problem, if you go far away from it

    (Their void world was somewhat messed up)

    They have a discord, and if you want to apply for staff, which can be found on text channels

    If you want to visit the server, heres the IP

    I am sorry if I didn't speak greatly english, it's because I am european. (Not brit though)

    I recently joined the server, so I don't really know everything about this server.



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