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    Son and I are having the same issue since 10am this morning. (so thats almost 12hrs now)
    was hoping that some kind of official explanation would be forth coming


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    its been a while since my son and I have played minecraft and a bit longer since I have created a server for us.

    i have a spare pc that is more than adequate to act as a server, so I followed a YouTube video to refresh my memory.


    1) downloaded and ran Forge-1.12.2- (checked its correct version against twitch mod pack)

    2)edited Eula file


    • Enigmatica2Server-1.67d.zip unzipped and copied files across to server directory

    4) copied across our world files (we’d been playing a lan game but his pc was struggling hosting and playing)

    5) ran StartServer batch file

    6) and waited , then waited a bit longer

    7) eventually server became available to connect to

    8)can’t connect to the server (/sigh) ...... finally allows me to login only to crash back to server select



    help 😱


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