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    This is probably too late for you, but if anyone else finds this:

    I had the same problem and so did my friend (using the latest version of Enigmatica 2: Expert, version 1.77).

    The error that caused the Access Violation is this one (line 93f. in your crash log):

    Current CompileTask:
    C2: 173666 20365       4       pl.asie.foamfix.client.Deduplicator::deduplicate0 (459 bytes)


    As the pack author suggested in my Enigmatica GitHub Issue, the correct way to fix this would be to tell the Twitch launcher to use the newest Java version.


    Old Answer:

    FoamFix seems to be an optimization mod that aims at reducing memory load during game start and ingame, so it's probably safe to remove, but I think I fixed it by setting the following settings in foamfix.cfg:


    This way only the "deduplication", which caused the crash, gets deactivated.

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