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    Okay! The staff applications are now OPEN.
    We're looking for staff, as KingCharlie9 and I cant run a server on our own.
    Some staff ranks require you to have good knowledge of plugins and such.

    Check this out to see what The Infinite Craft is - http://theinfinitecraft.com/forum/view_topic/?tid=1
    The Infinite Craft is an economy server that includes Minigames too!
    You can make money several ways, by mining, farming, selling, doing jobs, and one of the best ways, playing Minig
    You can use this money to buy rank ups, to start your own town that can be a home to new players and can help you earn more money!

    Here are the staff ranks we need, the number in brackets is how many of that rank we have left to give:
    Server Co-Owner: @TheEpicLime
    Server Co-Owner, Lead Developer and Head Admin: @KingCharlie9
    Server Admin (3)
    Super Moderator (2)
    Moderator (3)
    Tester (4)
    Builders (5)

    I'll now explain requirements and the description of each staff role.
    It would be awesome if you had Discord, as we need some staff to be actively moderating the Discord.

    60 mins or more, 4 days a week or more, on the server once it is fully established. Keep players in line, punish out of hand users accordingly, and most importantly, help out new players.
    You'll also need to attend to the server's forums, attend to staff thread lock requests, post reports and especially the Staff Requests, Reports and Help forum.
    Super Moderator:
    Same requirements as a Moderator, but your minimum time is increased to 90 mins. We'd also like you to tend to the Ban Appeal, Grief Reports, as these are threads only Super Mods should handle.
    Server Admin:
    At least 2 hours on the server, 5 days a week, please. Same requirements as Mod and Super Mod, but we'd like you to tend to the whole Applications forum. We'd also like it if you helped with plugins and attend to the Help, Support and Bug Reports section too. Knowing a little Java, or your way around permissions would be really good too.
    We need you to come online to the server upon request to test out plugins and stuff. In return for your help, you get to keep any donation features you test out for free!
    You can be a Tester and another staff role.
    Help create an awesome server spawn, lobbies and such.
    You can be a Builder and another staff role.

    After reading all this, do you want to apply? If so, answer the following:

    In Game Name (IGN):
    What is your Discord username and tag (#):
    Which role are you applying to get?:
    Have you been staff before on a Xenforo, Enjin or NamelessMC forum?:
    Do you have proof of you being staff before on a Xenforo, Enjin or NamelessMC forum?:
    Why do you want to become staff of The Infinite Craft?:
    What do you think makes you better than other applicants?:
    What time zone are you in?:
    Do you agree to understand that you will be given hypothetical questions to answer if you are accepted?:

    If you've applied, thank you so much! We can't wait for you to help out if accepted!

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