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    posted a message on invisible blocks! plz help! dont know where to go.

    Hey i have made my own modpack that im playing with my friends but one day all of a sudden when i log into minecraft and on to my World Everything is invisible i mean i can see pigs and stuff but all the blocks are invisible even if its there. I hate that cus i cant play minecraft anymore on singelplayer. It cant be any of the mods cus i've had the same mods when it worked but all of a sudden bam dissapeared I dont know what to do or where to get help. It worked perfectly fine Before so i dont get why it dont work now. I've tried install the mods on vanilla minecraft (not curse) but then it crashes but it dosent crash when i launch it with curse please help i wanna be able to play singelplayer without invisible blocks. And cus it works and no crash report is made i can't figure out the problem.

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