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    Hey all. I am very much interested in assembling a series of modpacks for my wife, son and I to use. (as much as I would like it to become a popular public mod I suspect that's a pipe dream lol). I read the archived post (Temeriki  Custom Modpack) about designing a custom modpack  but with everything that has happened in the last year with curse and twitch etc. I am wondering if there is anything new I should be aware of and if there are design tips that no longer apply. I very much appreciate the ideas of pick a theme and stay with it, don't try to make a kitchen sink pack and checking as I go for conflicts. I am eventually going to recreate my old rpg campaigns using a quest mod and custom maps but first I thought i should assemble a basic modpack to get my feet wet so to speak. So rambling aside are there considerations, tips and or techniques  that you think I should look into, use or not use?  (please not interested in being told what mods to include in the pack. ((unless you consult with the wife first and she likes the mod lol )) My plan is to use only the available mods from the twitch/curse launcher to avoid copyright issues and complications)  


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