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    HoneyPot Survival - 95% Vanilla Survival Server


    We are a friendly, active, and mature community with 100+ members! We are always looking for fellow avid Minecraft players to join us and our ever expanding love for the game.


    Why Honeypot:

    Our server and community are established and over 2 years old. We're not going anywhere anytime soon. Our philosophy for the server has always been simple: maintain the vanilla survival experience. There are no crazy plugins that change mechanics, and never will be. The experience is the same for staff, donators, and members alike.



    Cool! How about the server?

    The map was started in 1.15 and will not reset for 1.16. There is a worldborder in-place at 2k in all directions. When 1.16 nether update comes, this world border will expanded by double/triple! There are many incredible player bases, custom towns, castles, and much more! There's some pretty epic builders on here to say the least.


    Server Specs:

    Dedicated-server with 10gb allocated memory, and a fancy processor! Server is almost always 20 TPS even with a high player base.


    Plugins/Datapacks & Rules:

    Available on a simple webpage here: Rules & Plugins



    Simply means you can connect and say hi before deciding to apply! This is because we still operate very close to vanilla minecraft. Playershops, etc, are all ran on a trust based system.. Having new players have unrestricted access to this = bad times.


    How to join:

    Connect using: play.honeyblock-mc.net or survival.honeyblock-mc.net


    Fast-track your acceptance and head to our discord. Go to the #applications channel and type !apply.


    We hope to see you online!


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