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    Welcome to Minecity server recruitment!

    We are a group working together to create a minecraft city server, in which almost anything is possible. Just like a business cannot be made without employees, a server cannot be made without staff working together with each other. We are still in the low places but have *almost* finished the map and have arranged other crucial parts of the server. However, we still require staff urgently.


    The following are staff we require right now.


    We require lore to create mechanics of certain jobs and realistic features we plan on adding to the server.


    We need developers to develop plugins and create texture packs for the server.


    We require admins for the server to function properly. Admins help by working on the different shops and balancing the community in different aspects. They might also be needed to fix bugs and add suggestions.


    Moderators work in the server by moderating requests of different people, they check bugs and suggestions and they have to convey it to the admins.



    Builders must help build the server. They must be good in building and have a good sense of creativity.


    Helpers must help new people and introduce them to the community. They should be able to clear doubts of new and old people, so they must have a vast knowledge of the server.


    You can also apply for specific positions, like magicspells developer and also Texture pack artists. Applying for staff in the server gets you certain donor benefits and beta access to the server. If you would like to join the server, add me on discord. My discord is "Gadhero#9023". Thank you for reading and hope you join the server!
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