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    I did it with redstone.


    If I was better at room designing and decorating, and I had seen a better spot to make it, it would have been a lot better.


    I am going to leave like this; if you like it, ask for it and I'll put a download link here.






    By the way, you can copy my door design and do better vault, or do you own one if you want, I would love to see that.


    If you want to know, I tried to do something like the vault in Fallout 4, (the one were you start the game).


    With rooms and medical bay and armory, storage room, and stuff.

    Guess I at least tried.

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    posted a message on ¿What was this mod?

    It had some kinda "science stuff"... or futuristic stuff.

    I remember you could have like a space map in like a hologram, like star wars, and you could transform yourself into a cyborg by talking to a npc called "mad scientist" i think, but you had to craft yourself the parts, and you could not be hungry anymore, you didn't need to sleep and i think you had more life, and there something with black holes or gravity stuff or something that if you got to close to it (it was like a tiny black hole) you got stuck due to the force of gravity or something idk.


    Hope it's enough info.


    Please I want to play it again, I don't remember the version either but it's got to be 1.6.4 or forward.

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