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    I'm having a problem with Better Minecraft 1.19.2 that started after I updated the mod pack. The problem seems to be with the mod "Oh the Biomes You'll Go". I have tried deleting the mod and re-installing it but that isn't solving the problem. Reading the error log it seems the problem revolves around Villager trades. Here's what I think might have caused this -


    Back when I started this world I built a large building with a chest hall on the ground floor (about a 100 double chests) and a Villager trading hall on the second floor. At the time I didn't have all the items needed to activate Simple Storage. Once I got them I activated the system and Forceloaded the building. While out exploring I noticed I was getting lag especially out on the ocean. Thinking it was the villagers (7 librarians, 1 cleric and two breeders) moving around I relocated them to a new building across the river from my base (different biome). Four other villagers (two farmers and two Fletchers) were "retired" after I found a Pillager spawner (unlimited Emeralds). Seeing that several mods needed updating I did just that ... and now the modpack won't load.


    Any suggestions?

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