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    I just had exactly this problem (allaytwirl.zip not downloading correctly) when first trying to update the launcher, then reinstalling the launcher (Win 10/11). In the end I made a copy of %APPDATA%/.minecraft and deleted the whole folder before reinstalling the launcher. It then went through the update without problems. I have no idea what messed up the download but it probably was one of the existing files in .minecraft and neither Repair nor Reset of the launcher app removes any files from .minecraft. I'll test if this fresh install runs without problems, then will copy the old saves back. I guess allaytwirl refers to that (imho relatively new) swirling yellow and blue allays when getting the login information. Bloatstuff...


    Edit: After this procedure trying to launch a modpack with curseforge still got me this update error. My curseforge installation is in D:\Minecraft, deleting the Install folder in it also solved the update problem with curseforge.

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