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    IP: play.reunionsmp.com




    Sequel to Union SMP: This server is sequel to Union SMP after it was shut down by the owner while it still had an active community. It happened to be shut down right before the very anticipated server update to 1.20 leading to the creation of this server. Union SMP was notable due to it being promoted in a Youtuber named Salc1's video where he tried to ask for op on Minecraft servers.


    Vanilla: While the server does have claims, homes, and a player economy, I still consider it almost entirely vanilla.


    Market: The only item that you can sell to the server are diamonds which sell for $100 each. There is a market at spawn where players can create shops and sell items to other players using this money.


    VIP: There is a single donation rank on the server called VIP with mainly cosmetic changes as we are anti-PTW. This primarily supports paying for the server host costs.



    1. Do not make annoying claims.
    2. Harassment and bullying are not tolerated.
    3. Griefing is not allowed anywhere.
    4. Please use english and be civil in chat.
    5. No using cheats, x-ray, or exploits.
    6. Minor duping such as sand or carpet duping is allowed.

    Server Host Hardware:

    Ryzen 9 5950X

    4Tbps+ DDoS Protection Included

    3 Dedicated Logical Cores

    10GB DDR4 Memory

    220GB NVMe Storage



    Owner - Go_ing

    Admin - Brackern, Foxy75

    Moderator - Olive_Oil02, Vibe Foxx, JustinThe1

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