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    I want to add these things below to the Hermitcraft Resource & data Pack




    Creative Mode = Grian's Funhouse
    Multiple players mod = Hermits are not hermits.
    Hardcore Mode= Demise
    Cod =Grian
    Bee = Xisuma
    Angry Bee = Evil Xisuma.
    Polly Bee = Kerallis
    Angry Polly Bee = Evil Kerallis
    Turtle = Xisuma.

    Squid = Xisuma
    Name Tag = Grian's Tag of Terror
    Parrot = Pesty Bird
    Doors = Jungle Bandit's favorite Thing.
    diorite = Iskall85's favorite Block
    Polished diorite = Bird poop.
    Granite = Grianite
    Polished Granite = Smooth Grianite
    Wandering Trader = Wizard Scar
    Pufferfish = Xisuma
    Puffed Pufferfish = Evil Xisuma.


    Any suggestions are welcome. 

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