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     Recipes in crafting or Models as in Model and Blockstates?
    I have made a python program for this just DM me at Discord: Redstoneguy129#4195

     Yeah I have a python script myself, but I was wondering if it was doable in the mod code itself to save time

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    posted a message on [1.14] Generate recipes in code


    I wonder if there's anyone that has experience with this. I know you can add recipes via json files that automatically get added by forge, but I'm creating a lot of blocks and items (Stairs, Slabs etc) from existing blocks via code (so that I only have to provide the base blocks I want to have slabs and stairs of to a function and get slab and stair blocks and items automatically). Logically, the recipe shape doesn't really change and I'd also like to create and register those recipes per code, to avoid having to create lots of json files that basically don't differ much. Now, since a lot has changed with Registries and such in forge, I have no clue how to create and register recipes in 1.14. I can still use the basic Item and Block registry events of forge, but there seems to be no recipe registry event or the likes.

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