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    I wanted to play Sky Factory 4 with a friend and was going to run the server for us, but when I open the server start .bat file the command prompt opens for a split second and immediately closes itself again. I can't even read the text on the command prompt before it closes again. I've watched a tutorial, and I've read the READ ME .txt file and I believe I'm doing everything right, I'm starting the install forge .bat file, then the start server .bat file, but it closes so fast I don't even get a EULA file created. I made my own EULA with what's inside the READ ME .txt file and set it to true, but it still doesn't work. None of the tutorial videos online that I saw show what's inside the start server .bat file, but what was inside mine is attached as an image. That's all that was in there. I also didn't modify any of the files whatsoever. I don't have an inkling of what's going on and would appreciate any help given.

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