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    So I am a little confused and am not sure who to contact about this. Just uploaded my modpack and it got approved. Yay! But then I go into the project page and the files say they are under review? Huh? Is there a sync period between when the file gets approved and when the project page shows it as such?


    The status of the project Fairy Tail - Zero Arc has been changed to Approved


    24 mins ago


     Project page says otherwise though.

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    When creating the pack under the "More Options" i set the preference under "Preferred Release" to Alpha, and then when I redid a search for Biomes O Plenty, the Alpha build showed up. 

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    This has been resolved. Jadedecat explained to me what was going wrong and I fixed it. Artifacts is on the list as well as all the mods in my overrides folder. But the issue is that I was using a Biomes O Plenty version that was newer than that which was on curse and I assumed that since hte mod is on curse its okay if you are using a newer version and she said that there are two groups essentially. A group that lets curse know that if they mod is on curse users can use different version of the mod no matter what since it is still on curse and the other group which wants users to only use the curse version. BoP is in that second group.


    So I had to enable Alpha builds and get a newer but different build of BoP that was on the curse page and place it in my pack instead of the version I had. 


    My pack has been approved and is already being downloaded quite a bit lol. So this is all cleared up. Thank you for the response though.

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    Good Evening,


    So this is my first post here however I have been a long time member of curse and have seen it evolve over the years. Now I always make it a point to understand something or try and resolve something on my own before seeking help/advise from a community as I figure I learn better that way. I seem to be having issues with modpack projects.


    I don't understand? Perhaps I am misunderstanding something with the creation of modpacks. The modpacks must conform to the proper .zip format that you can create via curse voice, that is fine. I created and uploaded my modpack project once before and it was rejected because I had some mods in there that I had to remove. 


    So after spending some decent time fine picking through each mod and reconstructing the pack for curse I was able to get the modpack to conform specifically to the requirements. I mainly just had to remove some of my own utility mods as most of the mods in my pack are on curse anyway. So now that I have reconstructed the pack I re-submitted it and it was rejected yet again? The message is still the same generic message.


    (http://minecraft.curseforge.comhttp://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/fairy-tail-wooooow), requires changes before it can be approved:

    Third Party files are not allowed to be included in modpack files unless they are on the list of open use mods. Please remove the mods/texturepacks from the pack and re-upload.
    Files available on CurseForge should be installed through the manifest.json, not included in the Overrides folder.

    More information about modpack creation and how to submit open use mods can be found at:http://authors.curseforge.com/knowledge-base/120-minecraft-modpack-submission

     What I am failing to understand though is the list of third party mods are on this list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SUxIEfbAf8tqAJP-HXnT0sPOY3atCF1OKy56cHxKNdk/edit?pli=1#gid=0


    The Overrides folder contains Artifacts, Dragonmounts, ImmibisCore and ImmibisMicroblocks. As shown in the link above all of these are on that list. 


    There are however two more mods in that override folders: BiomesOPlenty, and FairyLights. Both of these mods are on curse already however the only reason they are in that overrides folder is because the versions on curse contain a significant bug related to crashing that was fixed in later revisions of the two mods however these "fixed versions" are not on curse.


    I also have a resources folder in my overrides so that I can make a fancy custom main menu exactly like Jadedcat does on her Introduction video to uploading the packs, so I doubt the resources folder is the issue.


    Perhaps I am misunderstanding something? Is there a different list I should be looking at? Any help is greatly appreciated as I clearly don't know what I am missing.

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