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    Hey everyone,

    I am currently playing a world-building server. This means that we are on a custom map with different nations and towns and there are wars and battles and so much more. I currently own a town and have a lot of money (Number one in terms of cash but not recourses). However, I am competing with another town that has several capable members in PVP and they are also very rich in recourses. I am the only active member in my own town and I need others who will be active and are also good at any of the following jobs:



    Grinding(Your willing to put in a lot of hours to farm for cash or get recourses)

    Rp storytelling

    If you are good at any of these please add me on discord so I can talk to you and if you seem like a capable person I will give you the server IP and invite you to the town.

    Discord - Happy#0576

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