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    I am fairly certain the mod doesn't exist, so I wanted to ask how to code one where default weather is set to rain no matter which overworld biome you're in. Blizzards for snowy biomes, and rain for everything else. I ask this because, as it stands, I've been using a command block set-up to make it permanently rain, and permanently midnight. The only bad part is is that, as many of you know, the command block set-up only works for a certain radius in every direction from where the command block is set. Which, is fine if you intend to remain within that radius, but I want something a little more that gives better control.


    I like to play on hardcore, and I play with horror mods to make my experience as difficult as possible. Combine that with chocapic's shader that allows for you to adjust fog, and mo'bends with Tissou's zombie pack, and the game becomes a nightmare on the overworld. So if anyone could help me, I would be grateful. Just point me in the right direction, and I can do the rest myself! <3

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