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             I'm having errors running the modpack "All the Mods 6" over lan so I decided to download the server pack for it. I run the startserver.bat and wait for the bootup to complete. Everything goes well but when trying to connect via "localhost" in the Direct Connect it shows the loading and "Encrypting..." but then I get the error: "Internal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown trait serializer Minecraft:". I've tried googling answers and no help. If anyone knows why this error is occurring please let me know, thank you. 


    Troubleshooting: - going to try updating All the mods 6 on my end.


    Additional Info:

    - Server is running on the same PC I'm trying to connect to the server on but error also occurs when I try joining the server on a PC connected to the same network.


    -Server is not Port-Forwarded on my router because my goal is only to play LAN.


    P.S: If this forum is posted in the wrong location please let me know and I will repost elsewhere. Thank you (:

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