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    posted a message on My MoCreatures has no mobs

    I downloaded MoCreatures and left it as a .zip file at my mod folder and when I go into creative mode and into the MoCreatures tab, there are no mob spawners. Here's my mod list (I'm playing on 1.7.10)


    - Adventure Backpack 

    - Better Furnaces

    - MoCreatures

    - Extra Biomes XL

    - Fisk Heroes

    - iChun

    - Mantle

    - Ore Spawn (it's also a .zip file)

    - Solar System Mod

    - TConstruct

    - Thaumcraft

    - TooManyItems

    - Twilight Forest

    - Voxel Map


    And some mods such as Industrial Craft and Galacticraft won't let me launch the game, how do I fix this?


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