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    posted a message on Modpack on server setting configs to defaults on startup

    Hello, I've been working on a modpack and it runs great in singleplayer, but when I try to run it on my server I get error messages like 


    [09:29:13] [Worker-Bootstrap-7/WARN] [ne.mi.co.ForgeConfigSpec/CORE]: Incorrect key Connectivity settings.disableLoginLimits was corrected from null to its default, true.


    for each of the mods I'm running. It loads up the default configs despite be both have the config in the defaultconfig folder, and copying the config folder from my pack.


    The version is 1.18.2, and I'm running it on a little home linux server. The pack runs just fine in singleplayer. I've tried making sure I have ownership of the folder and all sub folders that the server is in, and I've tried deleting and replacing the configuration folders.

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