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    posted a message on looking for 15- 20 players on the vanilla java Minecraft server that will be on 24/7 (MINECRAFT LOVE)

    hi guys, i have seen people  who wants to play the game with other are unable to pay for an entire month for renting a server or going to aternos where you have to be in lobby for hours or minutes before you can start your server or if the player gets AFK in the game the sever shuts down down and you have to the same process again and again. The purpose for this is freedom from the dedicated servers and long que time and play fair and have fun together. Plyers from minecraft and those use tlauncher can easily join the server.


    i am myself a new player and i i have a server that will run 24/7.

    #Server will be up today and as it will be a new world no one is allowed to raid for the next 7 days.
    #Players that will play regular for 7 days. i will choose op's for the server.

    #server has 20 slots and is a very powerful server.
    #Rules will be updated as the server grows older.
    # New servers will be added if there is more demand.


    # To join the server you should be joining the group on discord where you will be given the server details.

    # You can't share the server if that player is not added on the discord group, doing so will ban you permanently. its necessary to add the player on  discord and get the details of the server in PM.
    #My aim is to give the Minecraft players the Freedom to play anytime they want.
    # if you are loking for buying a server, yes i can help you with that too but for now we can enjoy the server and play.

    Join the New discord channel that i have made. and lets have fun.



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