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    Im having trouble with forge. it keeps crashing when i try and run the forge installation in minecraft. 


    I wanted to get the newer version of forge for a few mods so i downloaded and installed it. Then minecraft would crash on boot up. I got rid of the installation, dragged the mods into a folder, deleted and redownloaded minecraft. then i tried installing the newest version of forge for 1.19.2. it installed ok and then i put the mods back into the mods folder that forge made and it is still crashing. Any mods also will not show up in the mods tab apart from the two there by default on a time where it didnt crash, I'd put in optifine btw. 


    I don't know what to do? Any help will be greatly appreciated.




    EDIT: so i tried getting the 1.19.2 versions of all the mods im after and then i got this error message. Any further advice??

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    posted a message on Issues with Fabric and Optifine

    So I have been trying to install optifine for a long time and Fabric seems to be the easiest way to get it for me, however, I'm facing a problem. 

    Optifine is nowhere to be seen in minecraft itself. Like the shaders tabs isn't in the video settings menu. I don't know what's gone wrong. I have the Modloader, optifabric and the fabric API alongside Optifine and a Mod menu mod. 


    Does anyone have any advice? 

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