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    posted a message on Mineoxia in need of builders and artists

    Mineoxia is a brand new RPG-Survival Minecraft Server.

    It will have awesome features such as new recipes, new items, worlds, mobs, character progression, quests, new game mechanics and much more. It will also feature a resource pack that adds new items and blocks.


    We are currently searching for Builders and Artists. The builder position involves building the map of the server and the artist position involves making textures for our resource pack.


    We have plugins for creating our features, we aren't using any mods. They are good premium plugins and feature high quality and compatibility.


    Griefers or trollers are not welcome. Since the server is constantly saved, griefing or trolling won't even slow us and will only result in a permanent ban.


    The server is expected to release in December 2019. The Minecraft version of the server is 1.13.* and players using 1.13.* and 1.14.* can connect.

    We hope you'll appreciate our server! :)

    Only team/staff members are allowed to join for now since the server is still in development

    Click to join the Discord server! Message HyperKid365#9462 to apply for any role

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