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    ⚔️ 》》Epirate《《 ⚔️

    Epirate is a geopolitical towny war server with many features! Towny is a style of factions but more fun!


    ┃🌍┃Towns and Nations, Build your own Kingdom!

    ┃⛵┃Create your own Block-Built ships

    ┃⚔️┃Wage Wars against other towns and Nations

    ┃🏹┃Guns, Custom Medieval Weapons, PotPVP

    ┃🗺️┃Live Map of Europe


    ┃❗ ┃Various Fun Features


    ┃🏴‍☠️┃Custom Helmets for Combat

    ┃🐟┃Sea Monsters!

    ┃💣┃Cannons and Naval Regions

    ┃🦾┃Missions, Seasons, Temperature

    ┃👀┃And so much more!


    ┃🔗┃Discord -https://discord.gg/TD268Bs7

    server is still in development


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    :towny: Towny - Create your own town and nation, build cities in a 1:250 map of Europe!

    ⚔️ Siegewar - Form alliances, start wars against other towns and nations in a potpvp combat with ships!

    ⛵ Movecraft - build your own pirate ships, take control of NavalRegions, Battle against other ships!

    🐟 A lot more - Mcmmo, realistic seasons, Slimefun, realistic survival, naval regions, dynmap, Misisons, and a lot more!


    🐒 DISCORD - https://discord.gg/KxBgGJShFE
    🎆 WEBSITE - https://epirate.guildtag.com
    📎 TRAILER - https://youtu.be/B-kR68Cj6No?si=CP4-AinD-rbiXc60

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