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    posted a message on Kirby Craft! [NEEDS STAFF] [1.15] [Semi-Vanilla] [Discord]
    Hello there!


    Key Features:


    Primarily a PvE server (Player versus environment)
    Friendly and committed staff members
    A positive community
    Semi-Vanilla server

    Kirby Craft is a small, semi-vanilla, survival server. As a server, we like to encourage maturity, positivity, and kindness to welcome players of any background. If you are interested in joining our amazing community, check out our Discord!


    As a new minecraft server, we're looking for a reliable staff team. We're looking for individuals who are responsible, well-rounded, and caring. If you're interested in applying, check out our Application!


    Who we're looking for:
    A Developer
    A Discord Manager


    Thank you, and good luck to all those who apply. I wish you the best!
    - Hunnybubs
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