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    posted a message on Cant log in with new Miceosoft Account because legacy launcher starts

    If i Start a Modpack or Vanilla Minecraft with Curseforge it always starts the legacy Launcher 1.6.93.

    I cant login with Microsoft Account in this Launcher version.

    If i go into the folder in which the launcher is located and Start it, it updates and Starts the newest launcher and i can login with my Account. 

    If i now try to start Minecraft from Curseforge again it downgrades the launcher Version again and Starts the 1.6.93 Version


    I was wondering about this Problem for a while but had no problem with it since i could still log in. Now with the new Microsoft Account i cant play Modpacks anymore


    I tried reinstalling Curseforge and deleting Minecraft 

    Still the same Problem


    Im not sure where the Problem could be 


    Thank you for every help

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