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    Recently a friend by the name of, Vocall, showed me a pretty cool website by the name of "Minecraft Connect". The website is like Facebook, but for Minecraft users. I really enjoy it so far and can't wait for updates in the future. I am currently supporting the founder as much as I can. I think all of you would enjoy the website as well there some info on the site below.

    Founder - Anthill1Discord Admin - elijahsaboria1Discord Admin - BlueTeletubi

    The site currently has server pages, friends, private messaging, and lots more!

    Lots of users are still joining the server, Elijah currently has lots of plans for the future including an IOS(Not sure about android) app for the site.

    On the website, you can create a page to advertise your server! You can upload info on the server and post updates!

    Along with servers, you can also create different groups with info also!

    Future Plans, 
    Quote from Anthill1 on future plans, "We have the core of the website complete but we are looking to currently grow the user base then add additional features."

    At the moment the owner is also in the process of making a server which is currently unavailable to the community but will be up and running soon.

    Discord - Click here
    Website - Click here

    Thanks for reading this thread, I hope to give the owner a high advantage in growing the community with Minecraft Connect.

    - iChasm

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