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    Hey, so I'm curious but can't seem to find good comparisons.

    These two mods both add tameable, mountable, armorable dragons (among other things, in Ice and Fire's case)

    But I'm curious how the AI compares, primarily; especially when tamed.


    I know DragonMounts dragons will attempt to follow you in the air if you're using an Elytra, and if you're falling, will catch you. They attack things you attack, but otherwise seem to try to stay out of trouble. If it's anything like Dragon Mounts 1, though, Dragons likely have a tendency to get stuck in blocks and suffocate, or have their pathfinding bug out.


    Ice and Fire, meanwhile, has some really impressive looking mobs, combat, animations, etc. But does the Dragon (and I guess other flying mount) AI compare? Is it more reliable? Can it follow you in air, water, or on land, or all three? Do they stick close to the player when they can, or tend to wander off? How aggressive are they to hostile, neutral, or passive mobs? Can they catch a falling player? Etc.


    I'm considering adding one or the other to my pack. Ice and Fire is really really tempting because of all it adds, but at the same time, DragonMounts, I have experience with (at least with DM1) and I know the Tamed Dragon AI in that mod is surprisingly good all things considered.

    So, going just off of the dragons, people who are experienced with both, which has better AI and Dragon Mechanics?

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