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    πŸ‘‹Hello and welcome to Onyx Isle!


    Discord: https://discord.gg/P3qqPHrEGT


    ➑️Calling this a survival server would be an understatement. Rather this server acts as a way for people to experience power, loss, and greed. Kingdoms are likely to form and with them, so are alliances. Wars can break out, spying can occur and betrayals can happen.

    ➑️This server is medieval. There is no modern. Nordic, Rustic, etc.. building types are fine but nothing industrial or modern (this also means steampunk). Basically, anything that looks like it could have been built with natural materials is what we're going for. No skyscrapers or car roads. You don't have to be a master builder, it's fine, really.

    ➑️We offer a unique blend of Worldcrafting, Building, and Intense Combat to interest ever player.



    Hop in our discord and fill out an application! Our staff will be there to assist you when you arrive!



    See you soon!

    Just Starting A New Minecraft Medieval Village Project, Any Build  Suggestions? : r/Minecraft

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