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    Hey guys! I recently picked up the development for the mod Bleach Reborn from a friend, I am still pretty new to modding and not the best with coding java either, but when I picked it up I released it as open source. So I thought I could raise some attention by making a thread. Just a little information, it is based off the Anime known as Bleach. It was a branch of littlebreadloafs mod, then passed over to my friend who goes by Goddess, she didn't have time anymore, so she passed it to me. The mod is a bit of a mess. Anyways I am looking for people to help contribute to the project, if you are interested, look at the links below!

    If my project looks unorganized, let me know I have never published a project on github or anything like it, so I'd appreciate the advice!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/64nnzXVWnr

    Github: https://github.com/IkiOreo-sys/Bleach-Reborn

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