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    posted a message on There is a mod that i cant find at all can someone help ?

    so I was playing DDSS modpack, then i swtiched my computer i lost my save files so i just redownloaded the modpack and started over and just started a new campaign, then i noticed something is missing!!?
    there were fuctional plants that arent the mana plants from botania.
    i cant remeber the mod name or the plants/flower names but there was

    a plant that made you float
    a plant that burns you
    a similar to the rose bush but heals you when you stand on it 
    an ender type plant that teleports you randomly near by when you walk on it  

    am not even sure if these are the same modpack but I would really like to have these plants back :( so if someone knows what mods adds them please do tell.

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