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    I'm making a little skyblock mod pack and I really want to add the lava generation system from sky favtory 4, putting cobblestone in a cauldron and getting it to transform into lava


    so I got craftTweaker, more cauldrons and the inspirations mod


    I went to check the documentation on crafttweaker about the implementation of cauldron recipes with inspirations, and even when using the exact example they show, nothing happens :

    mods.inspirations.Cauldron.addFillRecipe(<minecraft:emerald>, <liquid:lava>);

    I obviously restarted the game multiple times and nothing happens, trying to plop an emerald into the cauldron just doesn't do anything

    Every recipe I added to craftTweaker works flawlessly except for anything related to cauldrons

    I checked the cauldron settings in every related mod but nothing seems to be stopping it ?


    I tried to google around but the complete lack of information about this is very frustrating, is there something I'm missing here ? how exactly do I do what I'm trying to do ?


    Thanks for your time

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