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    posted a message on 18+ year olds to hang out on my server

    If you like memes and are constantly lonely, look no further! I'm mainly looking for people that want to chill and play minecraft on my server, because my friend is going into the army soon. My server is going to be mainly vanilla, with a few small mods (no big modpacks) such as:

    • backpacks
    • uncrafting table
    • bibliocraft
    • teleporters
    • xp storage
    • carryon
    • etc.

    I may add a few more small mods. I'll take anyone who is generally mature, but no one who is so creepy that they could be registered as a child predator. My server will be ready in a few days (i'll have to dust it off and I have finals lol) and if you want to come hang, msg me on discord: Watchman#2473

    Anywhere from 3-10 people only.



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