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    posted a message on Frames drop when turning or looking around (Modded and Vanilla). Help wanted

    I'm playing with an RTX 2060, an Intel Core I9-9900k, and 16 GB of ram. Yes, I've tried Vsync which barely helps and I've tried reallocating more ram to It but when I press f3 it says it's only using half of the ram allocated. Uncapped I get up to 700fps until I start turning around. It happens on both Curseforge modpacks and Vanilla Minecraft. For some reason, it runs better with heavy shaders but I don't want to play with them. I've tried everything. Help appreciated.

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    posted a message on In need of some new medieval fantasy based adventure/exploration mods. Or mods that give me more to do.

     I'm trying to find mods for exploration/adventure that don't add generated structures and ores to the overworld because I've already explored a lot of the overworld. But I want fantasy mods that will give me much more of an interactive experience instead of just sitting AFK by my mob grinder. I've already discovered every creature in the bestiary in Ice and Fire. I've explored a majority of my world and lost multiple pets to dragons that keep getting in my way and need something else to explore.


     Maybe a mod with quests that arent just lame repeating tasks. Something that brings something new to the table almost all the time. And mods that add more achievements because I'm a completionist. Also maybe some building mods too. My modded survival is getting boring. I'm not getting a mod pack because they add other mods that I don't want.


    Here are the main mods I currently have.

    • Better Caves
    • Biomes O Plenty
    • Ice and Fire
    • Millenaire
    • RecurrentComplex
    • Roguelike Dungeons
    • Rustic
    • Tinkers Construct
    • Constructs Armory
    • Bibliocraft
    • Chisel
    • Enchanting Plus
    • Journey Map
    • Malisis Doors
    • OpenBlocks
    • Stevescarts
    • Tinker Tool Leveling
    • Travelers Backpack
    • Treasure 2
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