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    posted a message on Looking for a modded community to join after Christmas.

    If anyone knows of a public or white listed modded server I could maybe join I would love to know! I've played with mods for around 3 years and really need want a community to join. 


    To contact me:

    gmail: fredschmidt8@gmail.com

    discord: #0310ItWasTheEgg


              -Fred Schmidt(ItWasTheEgg)

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    posted a message on FoolCraft Server [WhiteList]

    IGN: ItWasTheEgg

    Name: Fred (or Egg)

    Age: 13

    TimeZone: EST

    Favorite Mod: Either thaumcraft or witchery

    Why should you be accepted?: Well i love playing with mods and have been looking for a community for a long time. Also i will be getting a new computer this Christmas and will be able to play a lot. I also have a working mic and don't care if i am in any yt videos. I am just looking for a nice community to join.

           -Fred Schmidt


    BTW i also have played with mods for around 3 years, so... i kinda know what i'm doing.


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